About us

A Stanford University breast surgeon recognized the need for comfortable compression garments that worked, and joined up with Lenjoy Medical Engineering, Inc., a company well known for ingenuity and quality. Together they created the Breast Binder product line, a comfortable and easy-to-use compression garment which applies the correct amount of pressure meeting the needs of both patients and doctors.

After receiving an overwhelmingly positive response, it became evident that our ‘Double Compression’ technology truly benefits the healing process and helped minimize pain and discomfort to patients. Under the name Expand-a-Band, we began to develop our line of products to accommodate a variety of patient needs.

Located in Gardena, CA, Expand-a-Band and Breast Binders strives to help anyone who is in need of these beneficial products and is already loved by with surgeons at top healthcare facilities around the world such as the Mayo Clinic, Stanford Univ. Med. Ctr., Eisenhower Medical Center, Johns Hopkins and City of Hope Medical Center.