Benefits of a Compression Bra After Surgery

Benefits of a Compression Bra After Surgery

Women who had any type of breast or chest surgery or those who will go through surgical procedures, are strongly recommended to wear post-surgical bras. A post-surgical compression bra will benefit the patient and is very important for the healing process because it eludes the risk of infections and stabilizes the chest. A compression bra is a great option to reduce post-surgical scarring and swelling and, accommodates drain tubes. Compression bras also prevent bruising and hematomas.

It is true that medical bras are not the sexiest nevertheless, they are particularly useful and comfortable garments. Expand a Band (EAB) Medical has superior quality compression bras that are very beneficial after the surgery because the “double compression” technology provides support and firmness to the breasts. The compression bras at EAB Medical are easy to wear and somewhat attractive with a lifelong durability. These compression bras are made up of special soft and latex free material that sticks securely to the breasts without exerting too much pressure on the binding or irritating tissues. Our Expand a Band compression bras come with two pockets and two color matching soft prostheses that can be easily removed so it is very stress-free to put on for take-off. These compression bras are multi-purpose garments which can be used for nursing, exercising or breast support.

Expand a Band (EAB) Medical has compression bras that aid in the recovery after different surgical procedures of the breasts. Mastectomy, lumpectomy, breast reconstruction, breast reduction, breast augmentations and excisional breast biopsy along with a few others, are all those surgeries that require a compression bra as a post-surgical treatment of the breasts. Our compressional bras are available in different sizes ranging from petite to XXX-large and in black and light blue colors that are not visible from under the clothes. However, the type of compression bra you should wear depends on the intensity and type of the surgery. Most of the doctors recommend patients to wear compression bras for only a month after the surgery whereas, other doctors recommend wearing the bra for almost three months i.e. 12 weeks. This time period could include wearing the bra 24 hours a day and seven days a week. Removing your bra during the post-surgery recovering period is not advisable because it could cause certain problems and may slow the healing process.

We know that main purpose of a compression bra is to provide comfort throughout the recovery period and prevent certain post-surgical complications and issues such as lymphedema (caused by damage to lymphatic nerves), shifting of implants, excessive postoperative pain, scarring or stress of the skin and excessive swelling or infection etc. About 70 percent of women develop lymphedema after the surgery if due care is not exercised. Using a compression bra after surgery on your doctor’s recommendations will lessen the risks of developing any such complications.

A very important thing to remember is to select the right size of the compression bra however it may be a little bit difficult and tricky especially after delivery or a breast augmentation surgery. Whether you have small breasts or larger breasts, selecting the proper size of compression bra is crucial otherwise it could affect the shape and health of the breasts. A simple trick to choose the proper size of compression bra is to increase your normal bra size and add one to your current band size or you could use the band size chart. Expand a Band compression bras are the result of technological advancements in the medical garments field. We will continue to deliver patients with high quality, easy to apply and comfortable compression garments for their speedy recovery.

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