How to Speed Up Your Recovery with an Abdominal Band

How to Speed Up Your Recovery with an Abdominal Band

What is a hernia?

An abdominal hernia develops when an organ or fatty tissue pushes through a weak spot in a muscle or tissue. The most common area that hernias appear is in the abdomen, but it can also appear in the thigh, navel, or groin area. we offer a wide variety of binders, belts, trusses and compression shorts to relieve pain and accelerate the healing process of your hernias. In some cases, you may need surgery to remove a hernia; in this case, we recommend a surgical abdominal band, also known as an abdominal binder.

Hernia trusses and straps

An abdominal band is a belt that will help protect the site incisions and help apply pressure to the affected area. We offer many other products to help with all types of different hernias including umbilical, inguinal and parastomal hernias. We also offer many different types of straps, trusses, binders and compression shorts to help with hernias located in the thigh, navel, and groin.

By using an abdominal band hernia may be able to prevent future hernias; this belt will support the weak areas of the abdomen. Our herniated belts and trusses are available for men and women and come in various sizes to help meet your individual needs. The abdominal band works by muscle electrostimulation. The electrostimulation consists of small discharges located on the muscle, achieving an involuntary contraction. This means that with an abdominal belt the muscles of your abdomen will work if you have to do anything.abdominal belt

Misconceptions About Abdominal Bands

The problem is that although the abdominal band makes your abdomen work more or less appropriate, that does not have to have the results that by misleading advertising make you believe that you will get.

The first is that exercising the abdominal band does not cause us to burn abdominal fat since burning localized fat is something very complicated, something that the manufacturers of this type of equipment know perfectly. To reduce the fat of the abdomen area, it is necessary to reduce the fat of your entire body and the most effective is through the combination of diet and exercise, mainly cardiovascular. Also, The treatment of an abdominal hernia;

In some cases, surgery is not necessary for abdominal hernias, although it is recommended that you wear an abdominal hernia belt or truss to exert pressure on the weak area of the abdominal wall, which could potentially prevent a hernia from occurring. To avoid an abdominal hernia recurring, a lattice belt of a hernia is suggested to compress the weak area of the abdominal wall and prevent further hernias from occurring.

What is the abdominal band for?

It is used to stabilize the implants in a lower area after surgery; that is, to prevent implants from moving upwards. In general, it is usually used from 12 to 24 hours, depending on each case. The most important thing is that the band fits the contour of the patient. This belt has different sizes and a Velcro fastening to suit every woman. In addition, it has some hooks to fit the bra and thus prevent the band can move.

Generally, the prosthetic stabilizing band is used, under medical recommendation, for four weeks. This period is usually enough, but there are women and surgeries that require more time. Time will best be specified by your surgeon.

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