Why You Should Use a Breast Binder Bra After Surgery

Why You Should Use a Breast Binder Bra After Surgery

The changes that the breasts of a woman suffer throughout life are many, puberty, menstrual cycles, pregnancy, lactation, effects of diet, sports, menopause, operations, etc. Therefore, the use of a good bra is essential. However, what importance do women give to the bra they wear? Do they prioritize the latest model in lingerie or a cheaper price, to a support suitable to their breast size and contour? The truth is that seven out of ten women use a size and an inadequate bra, with which the back suffers the lack of a correct support and the breasts of an insufficient irrigation, especially in those that have a lot of chests.

It must be borne in mind that the mammary gland is composed of connective and fatty tissue, blood and lymphatic vessels, as well as an important nervous network, which makes it a particularly sensitive area of the female body. When lacking muscles, the mechanisms of fixation of the breasts are scarce, a reason why its weight rests exclusively on the pectoral muscles – through the ligaments of Cooper-, a fibrous and little powerful fabric that with time breaks and it causes the skin to give way. This means that all the weight of the breasts is supported by the shoulders and back, which in many cases generates discomfort and deformation in these points.

It is necessary for breast Binder Bra to keep the breast in a correct position for a good functioning of the blood and lymphatic flow, it is also necessary that it is not elastic so that it supports the weight well and we can relax the shoulders and back, so it is very important that the strap is wide and firm. Every woman should have the opportunity to know and try the Breast Binder Bra because it is healthy for the chest and back,” she recommends. “It’s anatomical and wide design forces to bring them back in a correct position. In addition, the cup is scientifically designed to collect the breast from the armpit and sternum and support it completely on a cotton band that holds the chest in its natural position, up.

Another fundamental aspect of Breast Binder Bra is to use the correct size of cup, brace, and contour, and for this the Surgi bra there are 200 different sizes. “Adapting the size of the bra to our chest is essential so that it perfectly fulfills its function, hold and protect. And there are not two women with the same breasts, so it is very difficult to find the correct size in a market that barely offers between 15 and 20 sizes. The support we carry depends on common factors such as breast, back, neck and shoulder pain, especially those with a lot of chests. And, is it to the breasts come a lot of nerve connections that pass through the clavicle, the shoulder, the intercostal muscles, and the fourth dorsal vertebra. This causes some back problems to be translated into breast pain, so maintaining an upright posture, such as the one provided by us; Breast Binder Bra is very useful.

Sport is the practice with which most suffer breasts, therefore from the medical department of the international brand, recommend the use of anatomical and non-elastic bras, since sudden movements produce pain and deformations in the breasts. Thanks to the special suspension system, the Surgi bra offers adequate support for the breasts and greater advantages during sports, since it prevents fatigue of the tissues and excessive development of the chest. This Breast Binder Bra favors the breasts of pregnant women or women who are breastfeeding remain firm and healthy, it is also highly recommended for those who have been mastectomized or who have undergone operations of breast augmentation or reduction.

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